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It has been such an honor and inspiration to connect with all of you. Each numerology reading and class has taught me something about myself and spirit.  I am continually amazed at the abundance of wisdom in numbers and life.  With much gratitude, here are some testimonials from my clients. Wishing you all expansive growth, curiosity and love. — Greer

“Hi Sister Goddess! I just love your website. It is so easy and engaging to explore.
Love to you!” —Leanne (New Zealand)

“I love the power of the 18/9!  I feel very blessed to have met you, to have you as a fellow spiritual warrior, and to count you as a friend!” —Maureen (NYC)

Greer was insightful, encouraging, and wow – did she know her stuff! She helped me clarify the huge decision of choosing a stage name that both resonated with my energy and represented what I want from my career.  Thanks again! —Gretchen (Philadelphia, PA)

” Greer’s numerology reading for my business name was AMAZING! She not only explained the numbers in great depth, she used intuition to SEE and FEEL my products, which was really key to picking the most perfect name.  Now I feel I have the perfect vibrational match to my business’s soul, which was really important for me.  I highly recommend a reading with Greer, she is truly a gem and divinely gifted at numerology.”—Jenna (Website: Jenesque) (Texas)

“You blew me out of the water. Thanks for helping my daughter find her wedding date.” —Stef (Connecticut)

” I have scoured the web trying to find numerology sites that speak to me and yours has been my favorite thus far” —Colleen (Arkansas)

“I gave my sister a set of your beautiful oracle cards. She is not much of a “believer” in things she can not see.  We opened the cards together and “played” with her numbers as per your suggestions in the booklet.  It was so great to see her outlook suddenly shift on some issues where she has been so stuck and felt there was no hope.  I think the mantras on the cards were especially helpful in opening her thoughts to a new path and confidence”.  —Chris (Connecticut)

“I loved the session. It all seemed to be falling in place as I was speaking to you. So I am glad to know things may work out well. I am kind of nervous but excited. Thank you so much. I will be in touch in the future.” — Cindy (New Orleans)

My reading with you was a pivotal, powerful moment in my life and I am grateful and frankly awed. You are a true force of divine feminine creative energy and to have my life touched by what you bring has already had a profound impact on my journey. —Daisy (New York)

“Things are going great. I feel like a phoenix from the ashes lately. I actually had someone say last night ” Man, what a great name” so there is a big shift…and I am doing my affirmation daily. ” — J. Todd (actor) (LA, California)

“Thanks for the reading, Greer. The session helped me understand my life purpose. My numbers actually act as a guide for personal achievement for what I should do as a college student and my path especially as a person. ” −Cole (New York)

“Thank you again for all of your help with the baby names!  We would be so lost without you! ” −Lyndsey and Brad

I am typically semi-skeptical regarding horoscopes, numerology, and the like due to how similar results can apply to many different people’s personality and life paths. However, these past couple years have been filled with enlightening and unexplainable experiences for me. The only reason I tried this was because my daughter always takes quizzes and stuff like this and she left this on my phone so I figured to plug the numbers in. See find your destiny Quiz.

I sought counsel with Greer Jonas to clarify the ‘best’ names to use for business purposes. Within a day’s time, after doing so, I noticed a complete ‘shift’ in my energy level, my creativity and productivity. I quickly began moving forward with my business plan and it’s been non-stop ever since. My experience with Greer was phenomenal”. − Cynthia C (NYC)

“My mind was swimming with numerous business names and Greer quelled the confusion straight away by giving me a detailed reading with explanations and even answered questions that cropped up by a follow-up reading that hit the mark straight away. Am very pleased with her professionalism, friendly manner and giving attitude. Thanks Greer.”—Jolly (Australia)

“Thank you thank, you thank you!  I loved our numerology session today.  I have just filled out an application for a film festival with my new name. It is my first step out!!! —GF (California)

Thank you so much for taking me through my numbers and setting an intention in place that is going to be life-altering. Our session was much more than I was expecting—informative, insightful and joyous!—Ginni (Washington DC)

“I do love the name you helped me choose so many years ago! It has served me well! Never loved my given name, didn’t feel right taking a married name. Finally someone suggested I see you.  The day I received my new Equity card,  a woman whom I’d never seen or met before, literally said: ” OH! what a lovely name you have! —Madeline Jaye, Actress

“What a mammoth session that was… Wow! I am still digesting the depth of your insight, it all rang so true. It is amazing.” —Rowena Alietta

Numerology Readings

My goal, as an intuitive numerologist, is to help you uncover abundance in all areas of your life, not just money. Through this process, you may also discover the abundance of success in a spiritual, creative, inspirational and intellectual aspect of your life.

Personal Numerology Readings: Interested in a numerology reading all about your name and birthdate? Or looking to change your name? A 90 minute session can help you uncover more about yourself, your lessons and life path. Click here to learn more and to schedule your appointment.

Business Name Reading: Looking to create a new business and want to find a business name that matches your vision and is successful? Click here to learn more and to schedule your appointment.

Other readings are available, such as baby name and compatibility readings (for couples). Contact me for further information: [email protected]

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