Divine Inspiration Paintings by Greer Jonas

Inspiration paintings Rising

Rising. 40″h x 36″w acrylic inspiration painting on canvas with gold floating frame. Painting by Greer Jonas

Rising. 40″h x 36″w acrylic painting on canvas with gold floating frame. Painting by Greer Jonas

I am thrilled to invite you to view my Divine Inspiration painting collection that exhibited at Ceres Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. The show was a huge success.

Thank you for all your support, dear friends and colleagues. My collection this year is called of 7 inspiration paintings were on display during the week of December 8-13. Check out the video here!

Each inspiration painting was created through my inner journey for authenticity and the unknown.  Going beyond what we see with the naked eye, sometimes using photographs, I let my brush and my paints take me on a journey to the source of all that is.

The Divine Inspiration Painting Collection

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Please enjoy all my paintings at www.greerjonas.com

My group show, called Last year, “Exposure” exhibited on December 3-8, 2013. Check out the video!

Inspired Greeting cards for all year round.

Creative Greeting Cards

Beautiful Greeting Cards blank inside

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