Thanksgiving, the Spiritual Warrior 18/9

beautiful treesOn this Thanksgiving day, I would like to reach out and send my heartfelt thanks to the people in my life and to you, dear reader.

This has been such a huge year for me as I put myself out there in the world as an artist and numerologist. I have much gratitude for my life today. It has been an emotional year for me and many of you. I am so thankful for all the support I have received in moving forward in my life.

As we look at the numerological aspect of Thanksgiving, the spiritual aspect is not to be forgotten. 11/27/2013 adds up to an 18/9, the spiritual warrior. 1+1+2+8+2+0+1+3 = 18/9.

Thanksgiving, the spiritualTHE SACRED 18/9

A sacred number to say the least, 18 in Hebrew represents life and in Pythagorus numerology, 9 is about transformation and transition. It is the vibration of the spiritual warrior, reaching into the void and viewing what is next. Looking at completion and what we can do to shift what no longer works for us are the lessons of the 9 vibration. (Read more about 9)

What do you have gratitude for today? Who are the people and the events that have moved you into a new place in your life?  How will you entertain the mindset that your life can be all about transformation?

May your hearts be full of love and may you connect to the inner spirit that is yours on this holiday and all days.


On another view of the 18/9, I have asked Samyama Gates (a spiritual guru) how she sees it. Here is a snippet. “18 is the Number of Gifts God Bestows upon His Creation who has a lot of physical merits. Such as those who take good care of their bodies by exercising, practicing self-discipline, namely; modesty, respect for the choices other people made for themselves, respect for our personal choices, reverence towards life, or any other form of Asceticism or Breath Control. The reward that come from Heaven are Psychic Abilities. 9 is He/She who leaves a Trail of Blazing Light for humanity to follow.”


And just as a reminder, I will be exhibiting at the Ceres Gallery Group Exhibition on December 3-7. Hope to see you there! My newest collection of paintings is called Celestial Dreams. The painting above, titled Northern Lights is one of the 5 paintings in the collection.

Opening Reception, December 5th 6-8 PM 547 West 27th St. Suite 201 Chelsea, NYC 10001

I hope to see you at the reception. Please RSVP! [email protected]

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