Numerology Interview with Greer Jonas

Numerology Interview with Greer JonasWant to know all about numerology in 20 minutes? Check out this lively numerology interview that took place July 2015 hosted by Coach and hypnotherapist, Susan Holman on her The Breakthrough Health & Fitness Show.*

Numerologist, Greer Jonas discusses many facets of numbers… from destiny and personal year numbers, to Madonna’s powerful master numbers and name chart. (She is totally into this stuff:)

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Madonna's numerology chart

Madonna has the inspiring destiny of the master 11. The numbers in her name reflect an 8 expression — all about power and charisma.


madonna full name

In Madonna’s full name, numerology reflects a compassionate and less outgoing expression.

“Wow… Loved your interview.  Quite engaging for a newcomer and a clear review for more seasoned folks like myself.”  Love and light, Elle

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