Hillary Donald Numerology

Hillary Donald NumerologyDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton describe their vision for America.

As Donald Trump has now been elected as our 45th president, I am updating this post. We will see how it all unfolds. A lesson for all of us as we deal with the shadow in our lives. Strong views have been expressed. We also see the powerful influence of a new “social media” society.

Hillary Donald Numerology

As a numerologist, It is surprising to find that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s numerology charts show similar numerical personalities.  Neither are afraid to be out there in the public eye.  In essence, it is all about the ego. How they deal with their aspirations is unique to them.

The Destiny, or Life Purpose – (based on the birthday) is our journey in life, how we move through our world.  The inspiration or catalyst number (based on the sum of the month and day of your birthday) is what inspires you on your life’s journey, what makes you thrive. The Shadow is the lesson and challenge you may encounter.

Hillary Clinton

hillary clintonHillary Clinton – born (Hillary Diane Rodham) on 10/26/1947 (1+0+2+6+1+9+4+7 = 30. 3+0=3).
Destiny 3: the destiny of creative expression, communication, sharing your authentic voice with the world.
Inspiration number 9 (1+2+6=9): What inspires Hillary in her journey of allowing her voice to be heard is the bigger picture, to live in integrity.

Shadow: The shadow of the 3 and the 9 has two sides, either being insecure about your voice, or trying to shine larger than others in order to be the authority. Discovering what is authentic and true in her vision and aspirations is key and what will help Hillary thrive.  With a 9 inspiration number, If you are not living in integrity, then you are in the shadow of your life’s purpose.  It seems as if this is the trigger to how some people see Hillary. Do we trust her? Is she living in integrity?

Donald Trump

donald trumpDonald John Trump, born 6/14/1946.  6+1+4+1+9+4+6=31. 3+1 = 4

Destiny: Donald has a strong ego. His destiny is a 4. The 4 is the builder, the organizer, the confident business man.

Inspiration number: 6+1+4=11. This is the powerful master number of inspiration and leadership. Trump’s lesson is to inspire and lead in order to build.

Shadow: The shadow of the four is stubbornness, wanting everything his way. We can see all these qualities in Donald. The master 11 (his inspiration number) has its own shadow of the ego. How does Trump choose to inspire? We have seen in history how ego can be a dangerous shadow if the desire to win is more important than tapping into a higher purpose for guiding his country.

Here are the charts

Hillary Donald Numerology

Hillary Clinton Numerology Chart

Hillary Donald numerology

Donald Trump Numerology Chart

 What about their names? How does Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
 show who they are by the numbers in their name?

There is more to this, and I explain it further in my full analysis. The name, in numerology can show you the characteristics of your soul’s essence, what you are attracted to and how your express yourself. See the charts above for details.

Hillary Clinton – Her name reflects charisma and leadership

Hillary’s name shows a combination of 5s and 1s. In essence, she is out there in the world connecting with people in a charismatic way. Her expression is a “1” which is strong leadership and inspirational ideas. Her lessons are to be more compassionate and open to others. As a woman, she will need to find a happy medium where she can be her personable self and also be taken seriously.

SHADOW: The shadow takes place in the ego in both the 5 and the 1. Does she seek to be seen and to lead for her own pride or for the bigger vision for America that she discusses in her campaign?

Donald Trump – His name reflects leadership, inspiration and creative expression.

Looking at Donald’s name, we see similar characteristics to Hillary. His numbers are 1/11/3. (see above chart)

Leader (1), inspirer (11) and creative voice (3). He surfs through life easily, it seems, without effort sharing his opinion and voice. The difference of the two seems to be that Hillary strives to prove herself while Donald appears to be having fun almost mocking everyone.

SHADOW: The shadow of 1/11/3 is to take the qualities of leadership, master inspiration and creative voice to the betterment of self. It is an important lesson for anyone in the leadership role to take responsibility for the repercussions of their words and actions.

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