What Is Numerology?

When looking at someone’s birth name, married or changed name as well as nicknames, we can discover many aspects of a person’s alter ego.

The system is based on the numbers 1-9.    Each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value.  For example, as you can see by the chart below, A, J and S share the number value of ‘one’.  The energy of “one” is everything that comes to your mind when you think of that number: new beginnings, independence, resourcefulness and the ego. So when someone has a lot of 1’s in their chart, they have an aspect of the independent thinker, assertiveness and leadership. We will discuss more about each number as well as examples using well known celebrities in the various blogs on this site.


"Wow!!! Through your numerology knowledge, awarenesses, wisdom and command of it all, you help connect people to the infinite possibilities of who they are. Once again, my numerology session with you left me clear and inspired. Shine on Greer!!!"

Stacey Sherman, Chief Inspiration Officer of Spark to Flame   

31 thoughts on “What Is Numerology?

    1. Greer Post author

      HI Ali, very interesting. Lets break down the 282
      2 is all about connection with another in relationship of some kind, be it romantic, business, social. It is also about balance and the relationship with yourself and relationship with things.
      8 is about power and abundance in your life, be it connecting with the power inside of you or feeling the burden of not having power in your life.

      So having two 2s and an eight, might be a message to pay attention to your relationships in your life, to the balance in your life and to claiming your power. It is always good to journal about when you see this number. What were you thinking and doing at the time? what is on your mind? It is a great source to find the answers to some of your most important issues that you are dealing with. Kind of like getting a 911 call from the universe.
      Hope this helps, please send me questions or comments.

      Also, if you are interested in a complete numerology reading about you, working with your name and birthdate, we can go into depth about your strengths and challenges, life purpose, karmic numbers, etc.
      My readings are 90 minutes – $185 (discounted from $200) and 60 minutes – $120 (discounted from $140)

      all the best and keep in touch.

    1. Greer Post author

      Ah 41 is a very interesting number. 4 (home and the builder) + 1(new beginnings) = 5 all about freedom and connecting with people in a gregarious, lively and sometimes sexual way.
      What is happening in your life? Is your life about freedom or are there many relationship coming up? Or is there something you are building that needs attention. Or is there much change in your life.. Or all of the above?

      Seeing 41 would be about seeing the path of adventure. how is it for you?

  1. Sam

    I keep seeing this 12:11 number everywhere, be it my smartphone, digital watch anything.Its recurrence has not bated.
    please explain. Eagerly waiting for your reply

    1. Greer Post author

      Thanks for your interest in my website. It is definitely fun when we see the same numbers everywhere. 12:11 is interesting. That is not your birthday is it?
      So the 12 is all about new beginnings (1) and connection with others (2) Added together is three which is all about creative expression. I would say 12 is also completion.. like the last month of the year, a dozen, inches in a foot, etc. 11 is a master number all about divine inspiration and brilliant ideas.
      add the whole number together 1+2+1+1 = 5. All about dynamic energy with people and travel. Very cool.

      Put this together and when you see this, definitely pay attention.. It is the universe telling you to stop. Take a look around and what is going on in your life. Take a look around at your surroundings, words that are spoken to you, even signs on the wall, on the bus stop, etc… You will get clues on what to do next. Kind of like a road sign and all about new beginnings and completion. Dealing with people and ideas.. does that make sense to you? Would love to hear some of your experiences when you see this number.. Definitely start a 12:11 Journal..

  2. Tania

    I was born December 21st 1996 at 2:11pm and i seem to keep looking at the clock at either 12:21 or 2:21 and Just the other week I was hospitalized for a serious reason that I had to be in the ICU and i remember this one moment i looked at some weird tub they had in the hallway and it had the number 21 on it. I keep seeing these sequence of numbers 12 21 211 122 can you explain what all of this means?

    1. Greer Post author

      HI Tania, Wow Tiffany, what an interesting story. Sorry for the delay and hope you are feeling better. I will post this on my website, changing your name of course.

      so lets take a look at this message.

      You keep seeing 12/21/ 122 — basically the 1 and the 2s.. and the combo of 12 or 21
      1 is the leader and new beginnings/2 is all about relationships
      1+2 = 3 all about creativity and self expression.
      born 12 21
      =1+2+2+1=6 (all about community, friends, loved ones, family, matters of the heart)
      So what the message is to me is to connect closely to your family and loved ones, find and give support. It is very important to you. You may take the lead in your life in many ways, but important to come back to true, honest communication and not withdraw from love or giving love. Does this make sense to you?

      When you were in the ICU, perhaps it was also saying “send love to yourself and you are never alone”.
      Hope this helps. Sorry for the delay in answering this.. perhaps you need the answer right at this moment. Many blessings, Greer

      Also, if you are ever interested in a personal reading, I do a special 1 hour or 90 minute reading reflecting how your name and birthday can tell you more about your strength, challenges and life purpose. Here is more about that. Many blessings, Greer http://numerology4yoursoul.com/product/numerology-readings/

  3. Melissa

    Hi – glad I found your site!
    For the past few years, I see 1029 everywhere. The number, the time, the date etc.
    1029 is also my birthday (10/29/1976). In addition I have had many synchronicities in my life. I’ve been told that those mean that the Divine is trying to tell me something. After seeing your site, I plan to start a journal (great idea). What does the 1029 mean, also being it’s my birthday. Thank you so much! Blessed be.

    1. Greer Post author

      Hi Melissa,
      Great question. I would like to also show you how to find your personal year, http://numerology4yoursoul.com/find-your-personal-year-number/
      You are in a one year.. which is new beginnings for you. Can you relate?
      So 1029. Lets break it down. 1(new beginnings) + 0 (potential) +2 (relationships) + 9 (transformation) = 12/3, (all about creative expression and communication of all types. So in essence, the universe is continually giving you signs that you are on the right track. Pay attention to your ideas and how you are connecting with others. What you are doing is about transformation. Do you often think.. what is the meaning of life? This number is saying.. yes pay attention to this moment. The three is all about creative expression.. so how are you communicating lately? Is there someone you need to have a conversation with? Tell your truth at all times. And be creative. Make sense?

      Being your birthday number, is awesome as you have an 8 destiny.. all about power and being out in the world to empower others.. When you see this number, it is important and might have something to do with your path in life.. so journaling would be an awesome thing to do.
      Here is more on finding your destiny. Hope this helps. If you ever want to do a reading with me, I would be happy to work with you. let me know! Blessings to you as well. Greer

  4. Joshua

    I have been seeing 43, for awhile it went away, but now it is back and stronger than ever. I have seen it 10 times in two days, was wondering if this meant anything.

    1. Greer Post author

      Hi Joshua, 10 times a day. .. so interesting.. what does 43 mean to you? does it trigger any memory? Usually when you see the same number it is a wake up call to pay attention. to what is happening in your life. Is something going on that you need to attend to? Or it might be saying .. this is an important moment, pay attention to it. Good time to journal. See this link for more about that. http://numerology4yoursoul.com/your-i-keep-seeing-the-same-number-journal/
      Lets break it down. 4 = earth and the home and grounding and building something
      3 = creativity, self expression in some unique creative way. Total = 7 .. spirituality, going within to find your answers.
      So when you see this number it is saying.. (4) take a stand, be grounded, start working on a project, take action, do not procrastinate/(3) be creative in what you are about to do. Is there something you need to say to someone you are not saying? /(7) Connect inside to self to find your answers. Perhaps a good time to meditate.
      Thanks for your interest. If I can ever be of further assistance, perhaps you would be interested in a full 1 hour or 90 minute reading where we will explore more about connecting to your true life’s purpose, challenges and talents, including strategies of how to work through creative blocks. Here is a link to my readings. http://numerology4yoursoul.com/product/numerology-readings/Many blessings, Greer

  5. michelle

    Hi, I was born on october 3rd and my mom was born on march 10th. Always in my life I see or have seen 3:10 or 10:03 repeatedly. What does it mean please! I love you posts! Thanks!

    1. Greer Post author

      Ah 10 3… 10 is new beginnings and potential.. Born in October is such a refreshing month to be born. Kind of like Fall in New York. New beginning, colorful and ready for something new. It is a fresh outlook on life. Do you feel this way? And 3 is creativity and self expression. So seeing your birthnumbers would be like seeing a new beginning dealing with your expression. So very interesting! Also this year of 2016 everyone gets to experience their inspiration numbers (month + day of birth) What inspires you? Check out my post http://numerology4yoursoul.com/2016-personal-year-in-numerology/ for more. Many blessings for a very productive year.. the personal year of the 4.

  6. Stef

    Hi Greer, I’m seeing 13, my lucky number over, and over, and over again. It’s been going on for two weeks now. Any ideas?


    1. Greer Post author

      HI Stef, many have seen 13 as a lucky number (dispelling the myth of the bad luck 13). See http://numerology4yoursoul.com/number-13-unlucky/ for more about this. To me, 13 is a powerful number. 1 = new beginnings/3 = creative self expression/sum equals 4 (building and creating something into form) So seeing this number all the time can be a signal for you that a new project is about to unfold. To look at the signs and begin. Perhaps a push not to procrastinate. And not to dwell on fear of unknown.. Can you relate? Perhaps you are interested in a reading to find out more about yourself or how the numbers affect you. Feel free to contact [email protected] for more information or see the links on this page for my readings.
      many blessings, Greer

  7. Isabelle

    Hi Greer,


    I have been seeing my birthday 516 (May 16), and it is going stronger than ever. Please let me know what does this mean.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Greer Post author

      Hi Isabelle, how interesting.. May 16. 5+1+6 is the inspiration of 3! All about creative expression. Having your voice be heard. When you see this birthday number, it is asking you: Are you speaking your truth, do you need to be clearer? Are you opening to the creative energy that is in your soul? When you embrace this voice inside, you will find much joy. Perhaps this is the time to do it! Let go of all judgments especially your own:) You can get a lot more information and work with me on intentions to expand to your brilliance this year with a session from me. Check out the info on this page for a reading. Many blessings for an amazing and transformative 2016. Greer

  8. Amanda

    Hi Greer,
    I keep seeing the number 17. It has always been my favorite number but the past two days i have seen it more than 20 times. It is also the day i was born on feb, 17. my aunt has this day of birth, my sister was married on the 17, and so was i. wondering what is going on with the number right now. I believe that numbers connect people and i wanted your insight on the situation.

    1. Greer Post author

      HI Amanda, seeing 17 is so interesting. 1 – leadership and 7 spiritual connection. So Moving forward in a unique way. What does that mean to you? Add it together and you get and 8. Success and power. It sound like you are attracted to that which is beyond the norm. If you follow your authentic self, you will succeed.. Also letting go of what others think. Feel free to connect further if you would like a numerology reading with me. Many blessings for a powerful 2016! Greer

  9. Ann

    Hi Greer,

    I recently experienced the loss of a semi-relationship. I have been thinking about it the last two or three days. Not obsessing, just trying to analyse signs from the universe telling me how to move forward with that person as we are still on great terms. Today while I was on a bus, I decided that I would observe the numbers I see while in thought about the situation because they would be some sort of guide from the universe. The numbers I saw were 750 and 79. What do you think this could mean?

    1. Greer Post author

      Hello Ann, I know the feeling.. that bus ride, or a walk down a familiar bloc,.. and suddenly the ole face appears in our heads.. Anyway, the answer can be a bit more than what I am writing here, but just looking at some of the numbers (and Valentine’s day coming up….) I can reflect on some of the meaning. What I see is double 7s.. Seven is all about reflection.. connecting from within, looking for truth and your own spirit to find answers. The first 7 has a 5 and a 0.. Perfect. The 5 is all about connection in a social way, charisma, charm and sexuality. The zero is all about potential. So perhaps the message that is coming to you is to reflect on your life and see how you are now with people and with stepping out there. Also the 9 is reflection and seeing the bigger picture.. So it might be a message to step slowly out again, or to reach out to yourself and move on with your life in all ways. Of course the message is based on you, so it might have another meaning to you. Feel free to get more information on your life with a numerology reading from me. See link below for more info. many blessings, Greer

  10. Karen

    Hi Greer, I have been perusing your site for days now seeking help with choosing a business name. I have been coming up with enough business names to satisfy about 100 people but I still haven’t really had that “a-ha” moment! This is a handmade jewelry business made with high quality materials (sterling wire, components and gemstones). Maybe I’m trying too hard to encompass all the elements of my work that are so important to me.

    1. Greer Post author

      Hello Karen, I am glad you are enjoying my site. It seems like a very creative venture. I already have many visuals of your jewelry in my head:) Finding a perfect business name is a tall order. Perhaps you would be interested in one a reading with me. See the link on this page to set up an appointment. Many blessings and success:) Greer

  11. Bella

    Hi there! I have stumbled across this website while searching for some answers regarding my favourite number.
    23 is my favourite number. I was born on the 23rd of August, and have always taken notice when I see 23 anywhere. I have had quite a drastic change in my life in recent weeks. I have also been seeing the number 23 EVERYWHERE for the past few weeks. My phone battery has also been temperamental the past few days not charging and somehow keeps getting stuck on 23%. It has been way too obvious for me to ignore, and I did not even consider that it may be related to the recent changes in my life.

    Can you give me any guidance on why I may be seeing 23 everywhere and what it may mean for me?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Greer Post author

      Hello Roby, I cannot answer this question in a simple way. Your destiny (8+2+5+1+9+9+0) is an 8, which is all about the abundant and powerful, charismatic and successful leader. So if you find what you love, you can do very well. But the lessons along the way (fear of being out there, fear of being powerful, being too much in your ego,) need to be confronted for you to succeed. You might find the destiny numerology calculator helpful. http://numerology4yoursoul.com/what-is-your-destiny/
      There are so many aspects to look at, including your name, a simple answer cannot be provided. If you are interested in a reading to delve into business name ideas, you can find it on this link. http://numerology4yoursoul.com/product/find-a-creative-business-name/
      many blessings and success:) Greer

  12. Angel

    Hello Greer: Please tell me why I see no.14 all the time. It’s like every time I turn around, I see this number on clocks, watches, microwaves, stoves, calendars, etc. It really feels like SOMEONE is making me look at that number on purpose.

    1. Greer Post author

      Hi Angel. Seeing the same numbers all the time is very common. It is often a message from your guides or your subconscious to pay attention to something.
      When I see the same number, which is often when I am on the phone with a friend, I kind of laugh.. and say.. wow. I instantly know that what we were just talking about had an important relevance to my life.
      Let’s break down 14. 1 – leadership and new beginnings/4 – grounding and building. Sum: 1+4=5. Five is all about change and energy and being out there in the world with people. So in essence, seeing 14 can be a message from your guides saying, it is time to take a stand, to build something new, or establish yourself in a new way. Can you relate?

      It might be helpful to start your own “seeing the same number journal” to get some insight into what it means for you. You might be interested in this post: http://numerology4yoursoul.com/your-i-keep-seeing-the-same-number-journal/ to get more insight into seeing the same number all the time. Many blessings, Greer

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