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Introduction to Numerology Lecture

What is numerology about? This 72 minute introduction of Numerology lecture by Greer Jonas will describe the true essence of who you are based on the numbers of your name and birthdate.


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Introduction to Numerology lecture

Intro to Numerology Lecture

Want to know the basics of numerology? This 72 minute introduction to numerology lecture will reveal the true essence of who you are based on your personal numbers.

The letters in your name and numbers in your birth date reflect many aspect of your life and your personality.

Once you download this numerology lecture, your will discover the significance of each number and what challenges and lessons they portray for you. Topics included: finding your personal year, life purpose (or destiny) and master numbers.

This lecture with Greer Jonas took place on November 16, 2013  at the Astrology conference in NYC. The group was mostly made up of astrologers, so the numerology lecture took an interesting tone comparing your astrological signs to some of the numbers.

Order your digital lecture today. Also included in the purchase, are four handouts (please print these out so you can follow along with the lecture:

  • Basic Numerology Definitions
  • Name Chart Template
  • Personality and definitions of the numbers
  • Barbra Streisand and Martha Stewart name charts

Read more about your personal year and destiny numbers.

You might also be interested in the Numerology Journey Inspiration cards. This set of cards illustrates each number with a beautiful painting, description and mantra to open your heart and mind.


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