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Does Your Name Affect Your Success in Life? Numerology Focus on Martha Stewart

Does your name affect your success?

Does your name affect your success in whatever you choose to do in life? Should I change my name? Numerology case study - Martha Stewart Continue Reading »

Muhammad Ali Numerology Tribute

Numerology Tribute to Muhammad Ali

This Muhammad Ali numerology tribute illustrates the two sides of a powerful icon - the charismatic heavyweight champion and the fearless advocator of empowerment and change. Continue Reading »

Master Number 33 Destiny – Numerology Focus

What does it mean to have a master number destiny? Learn about the 33 - the master healer and creator through numerology Continue Reading »

Numerology Tribute to the Legendary Musician Prince

We honor and mourn the legendary singer, musician and song writer with a Prince numerology tribute. He was a man of many names and much talent. Continue Reading »

Dr. Seuss and Lady Gaga Numerology: What do they have in common?

Lady Gaga numerology

What does Dr. Seuss and Lady Gaga have in common? This celebrity numerology focus for the month of March features two very creative pioneers, both creating caricatures of themselves. See how changing your name has an effect on your life. Continue Reading »